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Dr. Tinius Runs the 2023 Boston Marathon – 12 Weeks Pregnant

As many of you have read by now, I ran the Boston Marathon on April 17, 2023 at 12 weeks pregnant. I have run it one other time back in 2015 (notorious for terrible weather- freezing cold, pouring rain, and non-stop headwind). As soon as I finished it in 2015, I almost immediately said well, I want to do that again, but hopefully on a nicer day so I can really enjoy the experience.

BumptUp® is a KCV IMPACT Competition Award Winner!

Kentucky Commercialization Ventures announced the winners of the inaugural 2022 KCV IMPACT (Innovative Mobile, Public Health, And Community-Oriented Technologies) Competition. The goal of the competition was to encourage ideation relevant to the improvement of the social, health, or economic conditions and highlight the value of innovators from across the state of Kentucky.

Winners received up to $25,000 for their institution to bring their innovations to life.