Full body design to target all muscle groups & energy systems.
Tailored levels for beginner, intermediate, advanced as well as desired intensity.
Mommy and me exercises to include baby or other children.

For a healthy pregnancy
& postpartum journey.

BumptUp® Labs, Inc.

Bringing together expertise from professionals across multiple fields – including motherhood.

We are passionate about maintaining health throughout pregnancy and postpartum life.

  • All content is evidence-based and from certified professionals
  • Clinical testing demonstrates BumptUp® is evidence-based
  • Carefully developed screening and safety features
  • Provides continuity into postpartum

The SOLUTION Mothers Need.

Steps towards a healthy pregnancy

Designed specifically for pregnant and postpartum women.

All features were chosen and developed based directly on feedback from pregnant women, postpartum women, and obstetric care providers.

Variety of Workouts 100%
Tracking Capabilities 100%
Symptom Recording 100%
Postpartum Programming 100%

physical activity
delivered via mobile technology

Work to optimize your health

Healthier beginnings start with you.

Research showed an unmet need to develop strategies that reduce obesity rates and increase physical activity levels during pregnancy and postpartum, particularly among diverse populations. BumptUp® offers features that will help guide you through a healthy pregnancy and postpartum journey.

Workout on
your terms.

Follow your exercise plan week-by-week or day-by-day basis.

Information at
a glance.

Quickly see how many minutes of exercise & calories are left.

The IMPACT Award

BumptUp® Is A KCV IMPACT Competition Award Winner!

Watch our Kentucky Commercialization Ventures IMPACT award-winning video on how our research can help women stay healthy

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